Posted in March 2012

Candidate Coverage

I stumbled across an interesting report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) on Twitter this morning. PEJ comes out with a weekly report analyzing the amount of coverage each presidential candidate receives, whether it be positive or negative. Evidently, the “Etch A Sketch” comment Mitt Romney’s staffer made has brought … Continue reading

The Trek to the Republican Convention

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to snag the lead from Mitt Romney. Romney is currently in first place with 568 delegates, with Santorum far behind with 273. But this game is not over yet! But, just how will former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum compete? … Continue reading

Santorum fighting until the end

Despite Mitt Romney having the most delegates, Rick Santorum won’t go down without a fight. With the Illinois primary fast approaching, he told a crowd that filled a high school gym “No one is expecting us to do well here in Illinois.” But, he needs Illinois to win, and told the crowd they had the power … Continue reading

Mitt Romney an “unofficial Southerner”

Mitt Romney, in an effort to gain voters in the South, admitted to liking grits and catfish, and being a life-long hunter, according to an article from Huffington Post. And yet, “Mitt Romney, on the other hand, acknowledged he doesn’t need to win Alabama or  Mississippi to stay in the nomination hunt even as he … Continue reading

Well, this is new…

So I’m new to blogging. It’s probably obvious. I’m also fairly un-informed about politics. Have a conversation with me about anything beyond main talking points, (or what they talk about on the Colbert Report, Daily Show, and SNL) and that will be obvious too. This is what makes me the perfect candidate for this project. The … Continue reading