Well, this is new…

So I’m new to blogging. It’s probably obvious. I’m also fairly un-informed about politics. Have a conversation with me about anything beyond main talking points, (or what they talk about on the Colbert Report, Daily Show, and SNL) and that will be obvious too. This is what makes me the perfect candidate for this project. The object of this blog will be to track the 2012 presidential race, but from an unbiased standpoint. Don’t get me wrong, I’m biased. Everyone is biased in one way or another. But, the purpose of the media is to present “news.” Somewhere in what the media puts out as “news,” which is really nothing more than half of what’s going on in the world, is real, old school, hardcore news. It’s my mission to find this news, and to examine the “news media” with a magnifying glass and fine-toothed comb.


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