The Trek to the Republican Convention

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to snag the lead from Mitt Romney.

Romney is currently in first place with 568 delegates, with Santorum far behind with 273. But this game is not over yet!

But, just how will former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum compete? According to the LA Times by drinking beer and hitting up local bowling alleys in Wisconsin! Santorum is “relatable” for local Wisconsin voters. After all, he grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania, which is exactly the same as Wisconsin!

The LA Times paints both Santorum and Romney as doofuses trying to win over the middle class. Romney is often accused of being out of touch with middle-class voters, but Santorum’s more modest income range of $649,000 to $1.1 million from 2007-2010 is much more “relatable.” Romney is out of touch with the wants and needs of the middle class, but Santorum is one of them!

A CNN article said doubts regarding whether or not Romney is “conservative” enough are the reason Santorum can take over, not because Romney isn’t economically “relatable.” In fact, Romney’s campaign is compared to an Etch a Sketch, in that it can be shaken up and re-done. Santorum uses that to fuel his campaign’s fire. In fact, in a previous blog entry, I mentioned Santorum’s previous campaigns, and his dilligence in sticking to his core values.

And yet, many people argue Romney has already won the candidacy. With twice the delegates Santorum has, how could he not? But is this a good thing? Should Romney, the “unrelatable” Etch a Sketch, run for president against President Obama? Can he?

This trek is far from over…,0,7053355.story


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