Are Mormons Christians or not?

Mitt Romney is scheduled to speak at Liberty University’s commencement in the next few weeks, but now with out controversy.

When the university announced the speaker on its Facebook page, hundreds of people responded, both positively and negatively. The university then removed the post and all the comments.

Mainly, people were angry because Romney does not share the same evangelical beliefs and values the university teaches its students. In fact, the university teaches that Mormonism is in stark contrast to Christianity and Judaism, both monotheistic religions.

If such controversy arises because Romney is merely speaking to evangelicals, what does this mean for the overall election? In Sunday’s blog post, I mentioned an article from Huffington Post which cited many people saying they would only vote for Romney if he were in opposition to Obama. Will this be enough for him to win the overall election?

CNN says evangelical Christians make up a large portion of the GOP’s voter base. I’m wondering why all this controversy is coming up now, after Romney has essentially taken the nomination (if not officially). If evangelicals don’t want a Mormon president, why did he win so many primaries?

This presidential race will be one of the most dramatic races in American history. Right now, it’s looking more like reality television than a presidential race. This race has been based less on policies and more on personal opinions, which is not the way to run a country. Our country was founded on the separation of church and state, so a president’s religion shouldn’t have much say in his/her governing of our country. People (and the media) need to stop looking at candidates for their personal qualities and opinions and focus on their stances on policy issues.


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