Newt Gingrich, aka the Energizer Bunny

GOP candidate Newt Gingrich keeps going and going, at the cost of taxpayers.

The campaign that refuses to end is costing American taxpayers $40,000 per day for the Secret Service security detail protecting Gingrich on his “campaign.”

An article in the New York Times paints the Gingrich campaign as pathetic, and cites it as a ploy to get media attention, similar to the way candidates announce their intention to run early in the race.

If the Times sees this as a ploy for media attention, why are they feeding into it?! They’re giving Gingrich exactly what he wants!

Oscar Wilde said “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” Well evidently that is Newt Gingrich’s philosophy. His name is still out there, despite what the Times describes as a pretty pathetic run.

Is this story even newsworthy? Who cares what Gingrich is doing? He decided he isn’t going to run after a certain point, that’s newsworthy. The amount of money his campaign costs taxpayers and the debt it has amassed is newsworthy. But talking about his “sense of childlike fascination” and poking fun at the large security detail travelling with him to protect him from the “big threat” of rain is not newsworthy.

Honestly, I expect more from the Times. This reads like something from Huffington Post. I know the Times is typically a liberal paper, but there is no need to talk about Gingrich for the sake of talking about him. Even the story’s headline “Gingrich Is Quitting the Race (Just Give Him a Little Time)” is condescending. It’s just unnecessary. This goes beyond investigative reporting.

As for Newt, he needs to just give it up already. He’s setting himself up for stories like this. No one knows why he’s continuing to run. He refuses to give in. It seems to me he’d rather be talked about in any kind of way than be forgotten, which is sad.

I’m sorry, Newt. The race is over. Move on to the next thing.


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