Posted in May 2012

Mitt Romney is a ‘dork’

Mitt Romney acted like a “dork” on stage at Otterbein University a few weeks ago, according to a report by CNN. A political science professor said Romney was unable to persuade swing voters because of his awkward behavior. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the upcoming presidential debates and other … Continue reading

Biden supports gay marriage

Vice President Joe Biden showed his support for gay marriage on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” New York Timesmade sure to highlight that Biden’s position, advocating not only civil unions, but marriage rights for homosexual couples, is not the same as the White House policy. “The comments, which aides described as the off-the-cuff views of a … Continue reading

Reflections on Santorum’s campaign

Elizabeth Santorum, Rick Santorum’s eldest daughter, wrote a blog post to the conservative blog Hot Air detailing the highlights of her father’s campaign. Huffington Post says she reflected on “the campaign’s victories and ultimate collapse,” but this isn’t quite the case. The blog post details how a small grassroots campaign took center stage in the … Continue reading