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Running out of time…and options

This week has probably been one of the busiest for me. I have been running from place to place, with very little time to think about preparing meals.  In all the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to find time to prepare appetizing vegetarian meals. But, I had a little extra time last night, … Continue reading

Mitt Romney is a ‘dork’

Mitt Romney acted like a “dork” on stage at Otterbein University a few weeks ago, according to a report by CNN. A political science professor said Romney was unable to persuade swing voters because of his awkward behavior. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the upcoming presidential debates and other … Continue reading

Biden supports gay marriage

Vice President Joe Biden showed his support for gay marriage on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” New York Timesmade sure to highlight that Biden’s position, advocating not only civil unions, but marriage rights for homosexual couples, is not the same as the White House policy. “The comments, which aides described as the off-the-cuff views of a … Continue reading

Reflections on Santorum’s campaign

Elizabeth Santorum, Rick Santorum’s eldest daughter, wrote a blog post to the conservative blog Hot Air detailing the highlights of her father’s campaign. Huffington Post says she reflected on “the campaign’s victories and ultimate collapse,” but this isn’t quite the case. The blog post details how a small grassroots campaign took center stage in the … Continue reading

Heading to Hollywood!

President Obama is looking to wealthy celebrities for financial support for his re-election campaign. George Clooney will host a dinner to raise funds for the Obama campaign, and at $40,000 per seat, expects to bring in a pretty penny. After the SOPA debacle, many entertainers are hesitant to support Obama. Because he rejected a bill … Continue reading

Newt Gingrich, aka the Energizer Bunny

GOP candidate Newt Gingrich keeps going and going, at the cost of taxpayers. The campaign that refuses to end is costing American taxpayers $40,000 per day for the Secret Service security detail protecting Gingrich on his “campaign.” An article in the New York Times paints the Gingrich campaign as pathetic, and cites it as a ploy … Continue reading

Are Mormons Christians or not?

Mitt Romney is scheduled to speak at Liberty University’s commencement in the next few weeks, but now with out controversy. When the university announced the speaker on its Facebook page, hundreds of people responded, both positively and negatively. The university then removed the post and all the comments. Mainly, people were angry because Romney does … Continue reading

We’re not voting for him, we’re voting against Obama

Many Conservative Christian voters wouldn’t have Mitt Romney as their first choice GOP candidate. Huffington Post interviewed several voters at the Awakening conference in Winter Park, Fla., and found “few if any” of those at the conference supported Romney. “We’re not voting for him. We’re voting against Obama,” Sidney Lanier, a retiree from West Palm Beach, said. For her, Romney is the only choice. … Continue reading

Show me the money!

President Barack Obama has been raking in the dough, but anti-Obama Super PACs have overpassed his budget with large donations from a few donors. Fox News reported that the Obama campaign has raised $53 million dollars, far more than the Romney campaign. His campaign is five times the size of Romney’s, with over 500 paid staffers. But when … Continue reading