We’re not voting for him, we’re voting against Obama

Many Conservative Christian voters wouldn’t have Mitt Romney as their first choice GOP candidate.

Huffington Post interviewed several voters at the Awakening conference in Winter Park, Fla., and found “few if any” of those at the conference supported Romney.

“We’re not voting for him. We’re voting against Obama,” Sidney Lanier, a retiree from West Palm Beach, said. For her, Romney is the only choice. She would have preferred another candidate, but since Romney is most likely to be the GOP candidate, she accepts he is better than Obama.

Religion seems like it will play an important factor in this election. Romney is Mormon, and many of the Conservative Christians interviewed said he is not a real Christian because he believes in a “different” Jesus. For some reason, many people still believe President Obama is Muslim, even though he is Christian.

Huffington Post paints an interesting picture of these people. Each person is described based on the clothes they are wearing, and the tone used to explain their quotes seems to insinuate they think their opinions are worthless and wrong.

Nevertheless, these people have a vote, and they have a very large voice in this country. Huffington Post should be covering their opinions, but not in a way that seems demeaning. They seem to say “Not even the foundation of Romney’s political party wants to vote for him!” and “These people only care about Christian values and no other policy issues!” with out really delving into why these people feel this way. It paints a very stereotypical picture, and quite honestly it’s useless.

It is interesting to point out that many members of the Republican party would prefer a different candidate. However, Romney has won the majority of delegates, so obviously a lot of members like him. Because a select group of Republicans, specifically a Christian group, don’t agree with his religion is kind of insignificant. They should instead focus on his “radical” policies, and the fact that he brought universal healthcare to Massachussetts.

Many people forget one of our government’s founding principles: the separation of church and state. The religion of our president should not matter. People should vote for a president based on his/her policies. When the media drags religion into a presidential race, it can only go downhill from here…




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